What is PDF | Types of PDF - Explained

What is PDF?

Till today you have heard many times about PDF files, you have seen many PDF documents, you have seen many E-books in PDF format. But, do you know what is PDF stands for? What is a PDF file? What is the need for PDF file? Types of PDF files? Who first created PDF files? Have you ever used PDF files on your mobile screen, computer screen?

In this blog, every question will be answered regarding PDF files. So, please read the complete blog to know more about PDF. Let's get started...

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What is a PDF file?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a kind of electronic form of document which is used to display on any kind of screen - smartphones, computers, any kind of operating system Linux, Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, etc. without changing in format. This means it is the universally compatible format of files. Everyone can read this kind of document easily without any barrier of device or operating system.


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Who developed the PDF file?

PDF files were first developed by Adobe® Systems in the early ninety's (1993-94) as a universally compatible file format based on postscript format. Until 2008 PDF was a proprietary format, but in 2008 it was released as an open standard, which means it is available for public use. Since then, it is under the control of ISO - International Organization for Standardization. So, now ISO controls the future developments and upgraded versions.

Types of PDF files?

Basically, PDF files are three types.

Digitally Created PDFs

Whenever we create PDF files using any software like Microsoft Word or Excel using the save as pdf feature or whenever we create PDF files using the print feature virtually via print to pdf, these PDF files are called Digitally Created PDF files or True PDF files. This kind of PDF file contains text and images. Texts can be searched easily, also these files are editable easily.

Scanned PDFs or Image only PDFs

Whenever we scan any hard copy of the document via a physical printer and convert it into PDF or convert camera images to PDF, these files are Image only PDFs. These files are locked file types. These PDF files are not editable not searchable. This means, no one can edit the texts and no one can search the texts.

Searchable PDFs

Whenever we use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to add an additional layer of texts to the Scanned PDFs or Image only PDFs, then these PDF files become fully searchable and called Searchable PDFs.

Benefits of PDF file?

  • PDF files can be read easily on any device, any operating system software without changing in layout with the exact same content.
  • Various types of content can be added in a single PDF file, like, texts, images, vector graphics, gifs, hyperlinks, etc.
  • PDF files can be secured using passwords, digital signatures, watermarks, etc.
  • Unlimited information can be added into PDF files and we can compress the file without any data loss.
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What does pdf stand for or what is the full form of PDF?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format

What is adobe acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat is software to read PDF files.

What is an adobe reader?

Adobe Reader is software to read PDF files.

Who created the PDF?

Adobe Systems created the PDF in 1993.

When was the first PDF created?

15 June 1993

Is PDF owned by Adobe?

Not now. Before 2008 it was owned by Adobe, after 2008 it is available for public use.


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