How to convert handwriting to text?

Many people regularly search on the internet or on YouTube, how to convert handwriting to text? Especially on mobiles/smartphones. Most of them are students and teachers because they want to digitize their handwritten notes. So that they carry the digital notes everywhere on their mobile phones. It is important not only for students and teachers but other readers as well, who would like to read digital books anywhere.

In this regard, we should convey our special thanks to the technology which made this possible for all of us. Now we can easily convert handwritten notes to typed texts with the help of our mobile/smartphone.

In this blog, we will know the procedure of how to convert handwritten notes to text only on our mobile/smartphone.

There are a lot of android mobile apps available in the Google play store which can convert handwritten notes to text but the easiest and simplest mobile app is Google Lens.

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Introduction of Google Lens.

Google lens is the image recognition technology developed by Google, it uses the smartphone camera to recognise images, it can also read images saved in the gallery. It helps users to provide relevant information about what they are looking for.

On your smartphone, you can do many tasks with the help of the Google lens mobile app or we can say Google lens is a multi-purpose app.


What you can do with Google Lens?

  • You can translate any language to any language.
  • You can convert handwritten notes to text.
  • You can convert printed books to typed texts.
  • You can search for anything.
  • You can find the answer to the question given in the homework.
  • You can shop anything directly at e-commerce stores.
  • You can search for your favourite food.
So you can do many things with this single app. Google lens uses your mobile camera or saved images in the gallery to find the relevant information useful for all users.

Follow the steps to convert handwriting to text with the help of Google Lens.

  • First, install the Google lens app from the play store if the app is not already available on your mobile.
  • Then open the Google lens app.
  • Then click on search with your camera.
  • Select TEXT from the bottom.
  • Then take a photo of the copy of your notes.
  • Then click on select all and then copy text.
  • Now the texts are copied to the clipboard.
  • You can paste the copied texts to any notes app, google docs, Microsoft word or any other app where you want to save and edit the notes.
That's it.

If you would like to watch the whole tutorial in the Hindi language, you can watch the below tutorial video available on YouTube for better understanding...

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