Two Factor Authentication | Two Step Verification - Explained

    Almost every person uses the internet nowadays. Everyone has digital accounts like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. All these accounts might have our personal information and sensitive information. So, we must protect all digital accounts from hackers and from criminally minded people.

    In this regard, we just need to make sure security of all digital accounts. We all know every digital account has a unique username and a unique password. That is the primary security of our digital account and what if someone theft our username and password? or we might be a victim of a phishing attack?

Two Factor Authentication

    The result is, we lose access to our account, as well as whole online data. Not only this, the hacker might misuse our sensitive information against us. Sometimes they do blackmail and ask for ransom which might be a high headache for all of us.

    So, it is now clear that only a unique password is not enough to secure our digital accounts. We must require additional security and here enters Two-factor authentication or two-step verification. So, before going to use Two-factor authentication we must need to learn what is it actually and how can it make our account more secure?

    Two Factor Authentication or Two-Step Verification or 2FA is the method where we would require two types of information to login into our digital account. The first information would always be a unique password while the 2nd information would be any of one from many options provided by the service providers. Like, send notifications to your mobile where you can confirm or reject your login, send OTP to your registered mobile number, where you need to register your mobile number to get OTP, insert TOTP by using any authenticator app like Google authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator, use the security key which might be physical USB type key or your phone with Bluetooth.


without providing these two types of information no one can log in to your digital account.
    So, the 2FA makes your account more secure, if someone stole your password and try to login into your account, can't log in without any of the above-mentioned 2nd information. So, it is all about two-factor authentication.
    Some people or companies call it two-step verification as well, so don't get confused in these terms both are the same.
    2FA method is capable to increase your security but we can't say it's is 100% secure, hackers can still be able to hack your digital accounts, but we can make it a bit difficult for them by applying two-factor authentication.
    You can watch the below video as well for a better explanation.

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