How to reduce PDF file size?

As you all know, PDF files are so important to us, whether it is eBooks or office documents, sometimes we need to share these files or many times you fill a form, then you have to Documents have to be uploaded in the form of PDF files, and there is a size limit in all these places.

Suppose you are filling a form, and there you are told that you can only upload pdf files up to 1 MB, but the size of the pdf file you have is bigger than 1 MB, what will you do now?

In such a situation, you will need such a tool, with the help of which you will be able to reduce the size of your PDF file by compressing it.


For the PDF compress tool please visit here: {alertInfo}


Or you could watch the below video for step by step tutorial.

In the below mentioned video I have told about such a web-based tool, with the help of which you can reduce the size of any PDF file, that is, you can compress PDF files, and the special thing about this tool is that it Can be used on both mobile and computer, so watch the video completely from beginning to end

You can watch below tutorial video for a better understanding.

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